Sunday, November 3, 2013

Shopping mania

For years I was naughty solo RPG player. While everybody else bathed in their excellence, I was the only one who postponed purchasing them....

But finally I also succumbed to their call, and here they are...

My own set of Rory's Story Cubes!
I hope that now I have them I will find time to continue my RuneQuest adventure....
And when I already went shopping, I decided to also purchase some expansions for my favorite games....

So, I bought Agricola - farmers of the moor, although with my current time table I have no idea when I will be able to play it....

I also bought Carcassonne expansion No 6 - Count, King and River; this will see its first play much sooner.

Finally, I brought into my house a long awaited Kids of Carcassonne game. My older kid, age 3, is maybe still to small to play it, but all my nephews and nieces (all aged between 5 and 10) just love it! This is a game I definitely recommend.


  1. I have fond memories of playing Agricola. Carassonne is a favourite too. The variant I like of that system is Hunters and Gatherers and I've had fun playing that with my daughter.

  2. Until my younger child was born, I used to play Agricola at least once a week. Now, I do not even think about opening the lid, simple no time, preparation period is too long :)
    Carcassonne can be played solo by just opening the box, so it still finds its place on my desk, late at night when my older kid is in bed and when my baby decides to sleep for at least two hours :)

  3. One cool thing about the story cubes is even if you have just a short period of time, a few minutes really, you can roll a few dice and come up with something - a story, a character, a room in a dungeon (my favorite).