Friday, August 16, 2013

Going small

Confronted with growing family and reorganization of my living space, I will have less space for wargaming then I was used to.
As one of the countermeasures, I decided to go smaller and try 6mm figures, first for Napoleonic games.
I will base 6mm figures as individual soldiers, on 5mm square bases. This is 1/4 of the standard 20mm base, and I will use 1/4 of the measure for all distances mentioned in games like Song of Drums and Shakos or Muskets & Shakos. All these game are meant to be played on 3x3'' board, but with 6mm figures I can play them on as little space as 9x9' !

I already have some 6mm models, some British infantry (line, light, rifles and Scottish) and some British light cavalry in Tarleton helmets.
Here are my first attempts in painting them. Only tabletop quality, but I want to have them on the table as soon as possible.

I ordered more British cavalry (Bicorns) and British Artillery, and of course complete Polish/French army from Baccus,  I hope that this will arrive soon. 
Then I will see if my plan about using small playing field will work....


  1. Those look very nice. How many infantry do you fit on a 5mm base?

    In "Napoleonic Wargameing for Fun" Paddy Griffith included an "Army" level game that called for each battalion to have a 5mm frontage. I have always wondered how that would look.



  2. I am basing 1 soldier on 5mm metal base, so I have individually based army. Then I am putting them all on magnetic movement trays.
    This way, M&S infantry unit in line (upper photo) has frontage of 45mm or little less then 2".