Monday, July 29, 2013

Muskets and Shakos

The long awaited Napoleonic ruleset Muskets and Shakos by Bob Mondeo and Two Hours Wargames is finaly here!
Unfortunately, they are published at the worst time for me, since I am waiting for my family to grow bigger again, and I accepted invitation from my better half to completely renovate our house, so it currently looks like this:
Therefore, all my miniatures are packed in the boxes, and it will take at least two weeks until I will be able to take them out and play a game of Muskets&Shakos.
So far I am just reading the PDF and getting familiar with the rules....


  1. Oh horror of horrors! So very sorry to read the release caught you at a bad time.

    Expanding family? Splendid! Life's greatest joy even with all the worry involved. Congratulations to you and your better half!!!!

    Having miniatures boxed up during moves/renovations/etc. has always been very unpleasant for me too.

    Best of luck with the renovations and congratulations again!

  2. Thanks Bob.
    I really like what I read in M&S, cant wait to dig through the renovation and start playing :)