Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two Goats at the Bridge

This is my second battle report of fantasy duels using Red Sand, Blue Sky system.
I added some house rules to this battle to spice things up.
So duelists are:
Hero: Elf Ranger, rep 6, average armor 5, fights with two hand held weapons. This gives him +1 at penetrating armor, and a parry ability. Parry house rule works as follows: once the enemy rolls to see if the armor is penetrated, hero may burn and roll 1D10 parry dice. If the parry dice scores higher then a dice that penetrated armor, blow is deflected and hero goes to maneuver table. Blows scored with 2 successes more are too precise to be deflected.
Enemy: Ghoul, rep 7, unarmored. Poison attacks house rule - character is stunned every time it is hit, even if it is only a scratch. This effect is cumulative, so if ghoul hits hero in the head, hero will lose 2 points of reputation. Once its reputation falls to 0, hero dies. Poison can be shaken off just like regular stun, one point at a time.

Two warbands met approaching the bridge. The duel of their best will determine who will be able to pass...Combatants met on the elven side of the bridge. Ghoul approached and attacked, but both sides rolled 1 success.
Then elf attacked, scored one success more then ghoul, and wounded the belly of the undead.
Ghoul gets initiative, and menages to score 3 successes, while elf gets only 2. Ghoul hits elf's upper left leg. Elf's armor is 5, but ghoul scores 9. Elf tries to parry, but he has to roll 10 to succeed. Elf rolls 7, so suffers a leg wound, and becomes stunned from poison!
Trying to shake of poison effect elf rolls 8, so he will have to fight next round as Rep 5 and burn 1 dice more! Ghoul attacks, but luckily for elf both combatant score 2 successes. In next activation, elf scores 4 and shakes of poison.
As fight continued, elf took initiative and attacked persistently, but ghoul's high reputation often made these attack finish with only a scratch. Yet somehow, elf managed to score 2 leg wounds to ghoul. Still, using average 3,5 dices per turn against ghoul's 2 started to take its toil, so elf was left with 8 dices against ghoul's 21!
Elf decides to go for all or nothing. He dedicates 4 dices, against ghouls 2. Unfortunately for him both sides get 2 successes!
Left with only 4 dices, elf had no other solution but to burn them all. Ghoul again dedicated 2 dices. This time, luck was on elf's side. He scored 3 successes against ghoul's 1! And it is a chest wound! Ghoul rolled on the damage table....
it is 3....
Wound! And more: second body wound! Trusting his sword through ghoul's chest, elf fell exhausted over the dead body of his opponent.

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