Friday, June 9, 2017

Evil Baby (Untold: Adventures Await free preview game)

Lovecraft’s mythos always produces interesting stories, so I decided to make my next Untold game part of this world.

Location: Euclidipus hospital.

Threat: a “Blob” pursuing someone.

Hero: Johnathan Grey, patient of the daily ward of psychiatric wing of the hospital due to his believe in magic. Johnathan has knowledge of the mythos and a spell book from some other reality.

“The Blob” pursues a baby recently born in the hospital. It is a girl named Maria Rack, from mother Eleonore, father unknown. Baby exists both in this reality and in some other dimension, and Blob wants to use it to open a portal between worlds. The only thing stopping Blob from accessing a baby is Johnathan’s spell book.
So, in order to save the baby, Johnathan puts the book in the mother’s luggage. Then, our hero tries to sneak into the hospital archive in order to find baby’s home address, but he is in for surprise. Hospital archive is a room that seems to go for kilometers – it might even be endless. Using his mythos knowledge, Johnathan tries to find the data he needs, only to discover that several woman named Eleonore Rack give birth to daughter named Maria at the same time. All these women live at the different parts of the city, even in different towns and countries. Being unable to get any conclusion from his findings, Johnathan returned to his room.


Johnathan is now sure that Euclidipus hospital is just a secret base of the Blob and his cultists. Blob uses his cultists masked as emergency medical crews to operate in the city. Once the book left the hospital in Eleonore’s suitcase, Blob will infect hospital patients with its essence and in that way travel to try to reach the baby.

In the hospital, doctors are looking for Johnathan. He uses the oldest trick in the book and escapes through laundry elevator. Out of the hospital Johnathan enters the phone booth and uses address book found there to look for the Rack family. There seems to be one Eleonore Rack living nearby so he goes there. He is careful to avoid any sign of medical emergency crews, but there are none of them. Actually, the whole neighborhood seems deserted.
Johnathan sneaks into the house where baby should be, only to find out that interior of the house is really an exterior located on some strange world…

Obeying this evil person all along – the baby is pulling strings! She is really this world reincarnation of old goddess Mariarack. She opened the portal but she is unable to bring anything from portal into our world without the Blob essence.

In front of the portal, mother holds a baby. Baby looks very week, somehow sick. Eleonore accuses Johnathan that he is trying to kill her baby girl by planting a book into her luggage.
Johnathan tries to persuade Eleonore to give him back a book, but she gets mad and turns into monster. She than tears the book in such a way that pages fly all over. Johnathan grabs pages flying by him and starts to read spells. One attacking spell hits monster and it grins with pain. Then, Johnathan casts protective force field around him, making monster mad since it can’t hurt a mortal standing before it. Using the feelings of the monster, Johnathan draws it as far away from the baby as possible, then runs, grabs a baby and throws it through portal.
The portal starts closing, and all returns to normal. Johnathan stands inside the house now, and what was a monster is again a woman. With a satisfied smile, Eleonore steps through the portal that completely closes behind her.
Johnathan is left standing amongst the torn pages of his book, wandering if he just saved the world or doomed it.

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