Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Boardgaming is still on...

I am still here, and still in boardgaming phase, so I have very little to write up.

The newest addition to my collection is Feast for Odin, the ultimate euro stile boardgame by Uwe Rosenberg. It is actually a game for which everybody claims that is much better played solo then competitive, and I tend to agree with it - Feast for Odin is actually great solo puzzle, a brain-burner that will stretch your gray brain cells to the maximum.

Of course, this game inspired me to take out also Agricola, that laid forgotten in its shelf for more than a year.
Also my almost seven years old boy discovered BIG Carcassonne (when compared to My First Carcassonne we played last year) and liked it, so we now play it almost every second afternoon.
All in all, lots of things going on, but very few things to be mentioned on the blog...

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