Friday, July 29, 2016

River crossing

Song of drums and shakos is till my favorite Napoleonic skirmish game. And my Lone shako solo rules still performs perfectly as enemy AI.

In my last game, I decided to try to move some Polish troops over the river and through the ambush prepared by British rifles.

The gal of the polish side was to cross the northern river, then move across the bridge and rush into the village.
But early in the game, rifle fire took it's toil on several Vistula legion soldiers.
One brave polish Voltigeir reached marksman proximity of rifles officer, but missed. A kill here could make a game take completely different turn.
But when the brave voltigeur was killed, my squad fell below half of the starting value, morale start affecting them and they fled north of the river.
Victory for the British.


  1. A pretty intimate little fight. How many blokes did you have on each side?

    1. It was standard 400 points game, so 7 models per side. Poles had Light Cav. officer, Guard Lancer, 2 Vistula legion guardsmen and 3 Voltigeurs. British side had a rifle officer, a chosen man, 4 riflemen and a Scots guardsman.