Monday, July 13, 2015

To sleep, perchance to dream....

I had a busy time last week, with 3 days on the businesses trip and the rest of the time settling loose ends in the office, so this is the reason for the final write-up of my Far Away Land solo game being late.
But finally, I found some time on my hands, and I managed to successfully pass Wits test of "Read your own handwriting" to continue with the adventure.

Q6. Hanging + Space capsule (intrigue and pursuit)
After the last teleportation, Booklet finds himself in Materiosphere, But instead of being on the ground, he is teleported in the cabin of a space ship. He tries to manipulate the ship, but nothing happens, ship just hangs there in the orbit.

Then, a Soracan appears, and shoots the ship to the ground using it's eye and mouth Lazers.

Soracans are giant floating robotic heads. They are known to be extremely selfish and arrogant, looking down on all other races, sometimes even their own. They are violent creature and view all non-construct life as inferior.

Booklet survives the fall taking only 2 damage, so he has 7HP left.

Q7. Booklet leaves destroyed space ship and runs towards the settlement of dreamers. Soracan follows him, constantly shooting. 
Sarocan is Dex 5, while Let is Dex 3 + evade 1. Sarocan rolls 7, Booklet 6, so he is hit for 1+D6 (3) to total of 4 points. He has 3 HP left.

Rory's story cube: Push + Allen face.
When Booklet enter the settlement of Dreamers, he felt strange peace. His wounds were cured (returned to 12HP). It was like the dream has made a barrier around the settlement, through which no harm can pass. 

Q8. Rory's story cubes: Lock + Throwing + Chemicals
Other Soracans appear, and they made a wall outside the settlement, to divide the Dream from the rest of the world. 
The whole settlement is dreaming. No one seems to care about Soracans action.
Booklet found a spare bed, and went to sleap, hoping to communicate with the sleaping people through the dream.

Q9. Rory's story cube: Paw + Syringe +  Wrestler with a mask 
So, Booklet is sleeping, and he is now just one of the dreamers the Dream of Wound Healing (Paw). The Dream is highly addictive (Syringe), and he will not awake until a hero (Wrestler) breaks through the Soracan barrier and wakes the sleepy town. But will this ever happen? Who knows...

And yes, Booklet picked up enough experience to become level 2 character. He can now dream a little bit better than earlier, if it makes any difference at all.

The end.  

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