Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Morale Napoleon set-up

Two Hour Wargames published new Napoleonic rules called Morale Napoleon, with intention to emulate big battles of the period.

That means - it is time for the new game :)

Even when I play big battles, I like to make them small, so following Ed's example, I started with one infantry division and one cavalry brigade per side. I used point system, so both sides have 247 points.

Here is the set-up.
My French/Polish troops are on the north. Their initial battle plan was to send lancers down the road on the west to menace British left wing, while their superior infantry forces storm British defenses in the center. I left hussars in reserve, to see the development on the field.

But the British deployed for counter attack, with line infantry in and around the buildings, light units at the wings and Highlanders, Rifles and Royal Blues in reserve.

Suddenly, my initial plan is not looking that great...

Stay tuned for more.


  1. Great start looking forward to seeing more

  2. You are just trying to tempt me to get started on my winning figures! It may work :-) I have got some books in the pipeline to read later this year on Napoleonic battles.