Friday, December 26, 2014

Polish / French Peninsular division

I have finally finished Polish / French division for Peninsular war using Muskets and Shakos rules by 2 hour Wargames.

This gives me enough painted models to start playing proper engagements.

Here is the complete division, commanded by general Józef Chłopicki.

First foot brigade consisting of French line battalion, first Vistula Legion battalion and French light battalion.
Second infantry brigade consisting of Old guard grenadiers, Old guard chasseurs and 4th Vistula legion.
Cavalry brigade commanded by captain Andrzej Niegolewski consists of regiment of Polish guard lancers and regiment of Hussars.
Finally, two batteries of French field artillery.
This will not end my Peninsular War project, since both sides need additional infantry, cavalry and artillery units, but I now I can take time with them.

Models are mix of Baccus and Adler 6mm.

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