Saturday, August 9, 2014

1st British Division

We interrupt regular RPG program to bring you some wargaming news...

On the brinks of my Scarlet Heroes campaign (Oolong is having some hard time recently, she needed to run for her life, but you will read about it soon), I'm also finding some time to paint my 6mm Napoleonic armies and to play some boardgames from current Board Game Geek Solitaire contest.

Therefore, I finally managed to finish First British division for Peninsula War in accordance with the Musket and Shakos rules in 6mm.

So here is the British division in all it's might:

First, let me introduce the officers one more time..
The Divisional commander is Wellington himself.
 From left to right: Sir John Moor, Sir Stapleton Cotton, Lord Wellington and Picton with umbrella

The first infantry brigade is commanded by Sir John Moor, and consists of one Rep 3 battalion of Spanish Guerrilla, one Rep 4 battalion of line infantry and one Rep 5 battalion of Highlanders.
The Second infantry brigade is commanded by Sir Thomas Picton, and consists of one Rep 4 battalion of line infantry, Rep 5 First Foot Guard battalion and one Rep 4 battalion of light infantry that might be armed with muskets or rifles.
The light cavalry brigade is commanded by Sir Stapleton Cotton and consists of one regiment of Rep 5 Hussars and one regiment of Rep 4 Light Dragoons.
Division is supported by one battery of field artillery.
Corps Asset consists of 2 x 6 figure light infantry independent skirmish units from the 95th Rifles (Rep 5).
Models used for this division are mix coming from Baccus and Adler range.
Finally, here is one more look at complete division:


  1. They look really great! I find that 6mm can be hit or miss aesthetically. Yours are excellent.

  2. Very interesting, but I have a question, your miniatures are based individually, or in groups?

  3. They are based individually on M3 washers. Than they are put on magnetized movement trays made from measuring tape.
    See following blog posts: and

  4. Thanks, I suppose about that.. It's a pity because I am thinking about playing with 6mm Colonial Adventures the THW wargame for colonial, using four miniatures per stand in 6mm, and 12 for zulues, and I was looking for somebody who had tested it...

    But ok, I like your idea, congratulations!

  5. Splendid work! Very well painted and it is always a pleasure to see Sir Stapleton Cotton take the field. After all this work I do hope you will enjoy the game!


  6. Nice work! I hope the games are entertaining.