Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The 3 Storm troopers epizode 4, part 2 (9Qs game)

Continuation from previous post.

Q5 Betrayal/Combat (Rory story cubes: Catch a butterfly, Drying laundry)
The device for "detecting" Ogam gas suddenly starts to emit it in large quantities!
Darth Agnan tries to plug in the hole with force, while Aramis navigates his efforts with his engineering knowledge. They fail the test and Aramis is left with just one die.

(Rory story cubes: Enter, L - instructor)
Suddenly, an Ewok appears out of nowhere, presses the off button and stops the device from emitting Ogam gas. Than, Ewok starts to run away, mumbling something about incompetent fools...

Q6 Intrigue/Combat (Rory story cubes: Mountains, Snail house)
Darth Dread is next to enter the scene and start shooting at Ewok. The small creature starts running in curves and taking cover, avoiding blaster shots.
Team decide to save Ewok and attack Darth Dread, but old Sith is too powerful for them. Darth Dread easily shakes off his attackers, and runs after Ewok that is already dissapearing in the distance.
Darth Agnan and Portos lost one die each in this combat.
Since it is the end of Q6, Darth Agnan recovers one die.

Team runs after old Sith and Ewok. Following them is not easy, and in the process Athos loses 3 dice and Darth Agnan 1, but our heroes manage to gain on them.
(Rory story cubes: Question mark, Poison)
Darth Dread has cornered Ewok. Finding himself without exits, Ewok opens container with Ogam gas. Due to poisoning, all characters temporary discard one die. This renders Aramis unconscious.
Remaining 3 heroes, although already seriously beaten, try to attack Darth Dread again, and this time they fare better, and Sith is temporary down. In the process Portos lost his last remaining die, so he is unconscious too.

Q8 (Rory story cubes: Digging in, Craw)
Ewok tries to use the confusion and run away.
Darth Agnan decides to follow his example. Athos grabs Portos and starts pulling him away from danger zone. Darth Agnan grabs Aramis with one hand, and tries to catch Ewok with second. Almost impossible task, but... HE DID IT!
(I had only 5d4 to roll for this test. I set difficulty to 5 success for heroes to escape danger zone, and to 8 successes to catch Ewok in the process. I rolled 4, 4, 4 - 2 successes each, 3, 3 - one success each, to a total of 8. Finally some crazy luck to favor storm troopers!)
Carrying their fallen friends and their catch, the two remaining heroes run to space port and into their ship and then fly to planet orbit. There, Portos and Aramis are connected to medical equipment, and Ewok is locked into cargo bay until the time comes for his interogation.

Q9 (Rory story cubes: Puppeteer, Reading newspapers)
Soon, the news announced that Darth Dread managed to seize big quantity of Ogam gas dedicated for terrorist attacks on Onturo. Further information is unavailable in order not to obstruct the investigation. Unofficial information says that some gas leaked, but at limited area. There are no information about potential victims.
Our heroes are not mentioned in the news, but they will surely be mentioned in military report to Louis XIV. It is obvious that good emperor will not be satisfied with their performance. Well, at least they have Ewok, and who knows what he will spill out during investigation, maybe some hope still exists for our heroes to save their reputation....

The End?

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