Monday, June 9, 2014

Modern Times: Wheels of Industrialization - free Print and Play solo eurogame / board game

This is official post about my new solo game - Modern Times: Wheels of Industrialization.
The game was made for 2014 BoardGameGeek Solitaire Print and Play Contest.

It is a Eurogame styled boardgame, bordering with a puzzle. Game uses resource management combined with the board rotation mechanic.

Player’s goal is to build from one to three factories using resources available or produced in ever changing environment. But be warned, each production comes with the price. And there are also taxes to be paid to the government…

If anyone is willing to playtest the game, link to rulebook is here.
Playing boards are here, here and here.
Counters and tracking board are here.

You need less than 10 minutes to assemble the game and start playing!

Game components can also be found at the right column of this blog.

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