Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stolen moment for painting

While girls were occupied by feeding, my older offspring and me decided to do some painting.

So, young Prince Heir got his water colors and I grabbed first miniature that come to my hands.
Here are the results.

Prince Heir produced this:
This peace of paper we now call Dogs in the galleries of Paris, upon Her Majesty the Queen's second publish book of poetry (and yes, we know for 100% that he had no attention to actually paint this dog; it is just a conveniently looking stain; we may be talented family but not THAT talented :) )
On the other hand, I managed to paint one of the Italeri 1/72 Knights from set 6009.

Maybe not my best work, but I am satisfied with what I did while I was simultaneously trying to stop a 3 years old boy from repainting kitchen walls :)

And it is more than I hoped to achieve hobby-wise this month :)

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