Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Even more boardgaming...

So I finally had a chance to play the games i purchased recently, and I have to say that I am very satisfied with experience.

Ghost Stories is a mix of contradictions: it has great mixture of humor and horror that really tinkled my boardgaming nerve. Also, it is at the same time fun little game and extremely complex experience that is almost impossible to win. Rules are easy to learn, but to learn to play it, you need practice.
I played several games so far, end each of them ended after no more than 15 minutes with ghost overwhelming the board. And it seems that climbing a mountain towards my first win will be long journey.

And then, there is Agricola. This game is really something special.  I played it first time last night and I am totally taken by it. I just want more and more! I will have to clarify it by few more plays, but it I think I will consider Agricola the best solo game I played so far...

PS. After 3 solo games (1 won, 2 lost), the feeling is still the same. So glad I got this! I think I can even persuade my wife to play it with me one of these days...

Counting points on my first victorious (52 points) game (5th cow in the fence is a pet :) )


  1. You should play Agricola online for free with :
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  2. Of course, it is not the same.... I try to keep as far away from PC as possible when not in the office. PEN AND PAPER ONLY!!!! :)