Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 1/72 French army

Line voltigeurs (Zvezda 8042)
Light infantry voltigeurs (Zvezda 8042)
Chevaulagere-lanciers de la Garde Imperiale - Polish guard lancers (Zvezda 8075)
Hussars (Italeri 6008) and Carabiniers (Italeri 6003)
Dragoons (Italeri 6015)
Cuirssiers (Zvezda 8037)
Guard and line Chasseurs-a-Cheval (Italeri 6080)
Artillery (Mars 72016/Esci 234)
Line Fusiliers (Italeri 6002)Light infantry Chasseurs (Italeri 6002)


  1. Bravo, bravissimo !! Gotta love them, wish you a lot of fun playing Muskets & Mohawks with them

  2. Flocked bases would look nicer IMHO

  3. I have no time to fock them now, but I will definitely do that in the future...

  4. Those look great. Nice work on the lot. Before you flock the bases you may want to give them a Dip. I dipped my Zulu War Brits in Wood varnish after base coating and blocking in the colors. They came out great.