Monday, February 7, 2011

Small village in Spain

This is battle report form one of the games played at Jatacenje convention.
At first my opponent had some funny ideas how to use measuring sticks, but he grasped these rules rather quickly.
British soldiers deployed in the small village at the center of the table.
Voltigeurs started behind the forest, hoping to flank enemy once the cavalry engage them.
French cavalry attacked head on. Dragoon rushed forward and charged British line grenadier, but grenadier passed morale test and shoot, killing him at the spot. First blood went to British side.One voltigeur rushed towards village. British fired at him with all they have, but all they achieved was couple of push backs. Later in the game, this voltigeur was engaged in duel with British rifles chosen men, and was killed thanks to longer range of the chosen men rifle...
British light dragoons charged remaining voltigeurs behind the forest. They managed to kill NCO and then moved to the save distance exchanging fire with the soldier in the woods, with no result to either side....

Finlay, French cavalry charged, bringing fight to the village streets. Mixed unit of Polish guard lancers and French chasseurs broke defensive line of infantry men and managed to kill British officer. Morale tests did the rest, and surviving British soldiers rooted, leaving village to become another jewel in the crown of the Emperor...

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